Pingaro Xpert Pro Immunity oil

Pingaro Immunity Oil With five scientifically proven immunity boosting nutrients Vitamin A, C, E, D and Omega 3, Pingaro Healthy and Tasty Smart Balance Immunity Booster Oil promises to enhance one's immunity from within, helping to fight health hazards as a part of one's regular meal.“There is rising concern of family well-being in general in COVID-19 struck world. Consumers are in search of food products and supplements to enhance their family’s immunity. Amidst this, our Research and Development team has developed India’s 1st Immunity Booster Cooking Oil under the brand name of Pingaro Healthy & Tasty that promises to provide rich resource of Immunity. Another way you can give yourself some extra immune support is by using essential oils at home. Small amounts of immune boosting essential oils can go a long way in helping get rid of bacteria and viruses in our bodies and in our environment. They may not be the cure all, but when I’m sick, I’m willing to do everything in my power to help shorten my illness, cut down on the severity and prevent it from happening again!

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