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The foundations of PINGARO FOODS promise of providing people with the purest edible solution, here is a timeline of our growth and expansion over the years… Pingaro has helped take care of millions of hearts on its mission to make India heart healthy. Through Pingaro Life, a non-profit initiative, we urge people to aspire for better heart health.

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To ensure that we provide you with high quality products, our plants are equipped with sustainable, modern and technologically forward machinery. Green manufacturing is the vision that is at the heart of our environmental stewardship - a holistic approach that encompasses energy efficiency, reduced water consumption, waste management, renewable energy and greener manufacturing processes and technologies. The manufacturing plants use top-notch tools and equipment to help optimize the various stages of production. We promise to deliver best-in-class cooking oils that help make India heart healthy. Pingaro Foods. is passionately backed by a community of people and partners who have enabled the organization to courageously face challenges and work towards the promise of delivering only the best.

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